Marcia Weese

Monoprints, Solar Etchings, Moku Hanga woodblock prints

Marcia Weese grew up in downtown Chicago and spent her childhood roller skating between the dense urban landscape and the natural world of crows, lightning bugs, oak trees and prairie grass. Her deepest inspiration springs from the natural world.

Trained as a sculptor and versed in site-specific projects, Weese is attracted to the ephemeral quality of works on paper—in particular, MONOTYPES.

Her approach to the monotype reflects her background. She builds layers of color with printing ink, and ‘carves’ into the color field by wiping away pigments to reveal forms. The prints glow with an inherent light.

In her SOLAR PRINT series, Weese superimposes images of maps of the cosmos, brain synapses, sonograms, lightning, feathers, flocks of birds. These combinations and juxtapositions of sensory moments reflect the metaphysical world.

Marcia Weese’s prints have been described as intimate, enigmatic portraits of elusive moments that land somewhere between shadow and memory.

Her work can be found in private and public collections throughout the US and in Germany. She currently lives in Colorado.


If you don’t see what you are looking for, there is more inventory that is not pictured on this website. Weese works on commission as well.

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